Peterbrooke Chocolatier - Is In The Crate

River City Crate is proud to feature Peterbrooke chocolates in select gift crates.  Peterbrooke, a widely recognized local brand, was originally founded in 1983 with a mission to bring the art of European chocolate making to the United States.  Peterbrooke and the brand's owner, Hickory Foods, have operated in the Jacksonville area for decades.

Current items includes Peterbrooke's signature chocolate covered Popcorn, pictured above, and milk chocolate covered Graham Crackers (6 piece).   For a limited time, Peterbrooke's heart shaped chocolate covered popcorn and various sized heart shaped assortments are included in River City Crates Valentines Day themed crates.  

Be sure to check out this years new crate arrangements and our limited Valentines Day themed crates.