PTA Fundraising for Jacksonville

River City Crate has put together the easiest way to fundraise for your school! Our PTA Program features the best way to raise additional dollars for your school. This includes, no catalogs, no handing out products, and recurring payments!

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1.  No Catalogs Needed. River City Crate is purely a website, featuring Jacksonville's best locally made products from Northeast Florida. You won't need to hand out and track hundreds or thousands of catalogs for your promotion, so you'll be able to spend your time planning out the next great activity for your PTA.

2.  Hands-off delivery. No more packages delivered to you or your school that need to be meticulously organized and handed out to the participants. Parents won't need to deliver the products either! No more will your best fundraising sellers have to also do all the work of getting the fundraiser items into the hands of the sponsor who ordered them.

3.  Scheduled, or fast delivery. We take pride in our fulfillment, and make sure we can handle a variety of scenarios for the sponsors. Want the gift delivered within a 5-day window for a holiday or birthday? Done. Want the gift delivered immediately to an office for a special surprise? Done. River City Crate wants everyone to experience great Jacksonville-made products at the right time.

4.  After enrollment, your coupon code is good for the entire school-year. Which means you can fund-raise all year, without any extra effort on your part. Every special day throughout a year can be a great opportunity to share Jacksonville as a high-quality gift, that also supports the PTA!


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